Heyo everyone! so now we all know that Christmas is on its way we need to get in Christmas mood, else we´ll just be stressed out and that is just not fun for anyone, so lets get started!

1. Christmas music

christmas, music, and winter image christmas, jingle bells, and music image
listening to chrismas music is one of the best ways for me to get in the mood. I am listing ALL the time, especially "driving home for Christmas"-by Chris Rea

2. Red lips

demi lovato, lips, and music image christmas and lips image phoebe tonkin, lips, and model image Nina Dobrev, the vampire diaries, and actress image
if you ask me i´ll say that there is nothing more Christmassy than a bright red lip, and best of all: it looks beautiful on everyone!

3. Hot cocoa

artsy, cocoa, and marshmallow image christmas, girl, and light image light, autumn, and christmas image christmas, winter, and cozy image
Nothing is better than a cup of hot choclate with a peppermintstoc and marshmellows or wippedcream laying in the bed an chilling while listining to Christmas music ;-D

4. Christmas movies

christmas, dog, and winter image christmas, grinch, and funny image actress, beautiful, and beautiful girl image candy cane, drink, and christmas movies image
Plan a day by your self or with a friend only waching Christmas movies and drinking hot cocoa

5. walking in the snow

winter, snow, and christmas image snow, winter, and christmas image snow, winter, and city image snow, winter, and cold image
this mabye sound a little wierd but taking a walk i the snow with your entire family or just by your self, in the city or in the forest it dossent matter both is full of a magical atmosphere

i hope you liked it and could get some use out of it!
like for more like this <3
(sorrry if my English is a little bad)
best wishes A