~ To be productive and have time to do everything, you need to have more time. And where is the time to take it? And the school? The first or second shift, it's not so important, the very fact, one must be ready. Can try to get up a little earlier? ~

• 20 seconds.

It would seem that this is not such a great time. But some even 20 seconds a lot. What must be done in these twenty seconds? Very simple. It is only to close your eyes and sit so this time. The main thing is not to fall asleep ...

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• Water with lemon.

Perhaps many will find this absurd. Because not everyone likes to drink something sour and not pleasant in the morning, but there are people who like a lemon and they are strangely still alive, and everything is fine. Just drink in the morning with water with lemon, then improve blood circulation and brain work, and sleep instantly disappears.

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• Go to bed early.

Honestly it does not affect the early voyage. We must sleep from 8 to 9 hours. It is desirable not more and not less. You can fall asleep at 11, and wake up at 8, you just have to watch what time you want to get up. If you need to wake up at 5 in the morning, then you have to lie down at 9, and better before.

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• Evening meals.

It is worth to give up heavy food in the evening. It is advisable not to eat 2-3 hours before bedtime. Thus, you will fall asleep before, and you will also make a start earlier (The myth that at night we eat spiders that climb to us, and because of this in the morning we do not want to eat - it's a lie. Just overnight, the body is restored, and hunger instantly goes away)

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If you follow these rules, then perhaps you will be able to get up early.

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