to me , the reason we came to this life is because we have to do something for our selfs . so why not be selfish and put my own will in front of anyone's will !
you see, this topic is huge and complicated but i just want to keep it short as possible and tell you WHY I BECAME SELFISH .

when i was little , i used to be taught that i should respect the elders and bow my head whenever they spoke to me and never look them in the eyes , also do whatever they asked me to !! can you believe !
(ps .i'm not asian by the way and bowing isn't the way we greet people at all ..)
not that i'm telling you i was always doing what they asked me to , but i still had that idea in mind .

and so i grew up thinking that i should never have any will nor a wish since there's an elder ones who matters more !
and for that i decided not a long time ago to stop any thinking of that kind and be selfish as much as possible ,
i stopped thinking what others may think of me , and stopped worrying that someone might hate me or even shout at me .. i just didn't care at all .. sometimes i would say it out loud " i don't care really " .

it's not easy you say ? nothing in life is .. and i'm still working on it till this day . and i might even lose some friends but i don't need them anyway because i have my self and the ones who loves me truly .

now to the HOW part , i started reading books listening to lessons and watching ted shows and youtube about self love and confident etc .. i surrounded my self in every way possible with these thoughts , and of course i practiced them in my life day by day until i found my self saying a confident " no " to any request that i didn't want to do , it feels so good let me tell you that .. and in sometimes i would say no to something i could have done but just to make it clear to myself that i have a choice .
you may think this is mean but its necessary for my training .

now as i said this topic is long and this is just the beginning of the subject , if you'r interested in practicing with me write a comment or text me and i'll start a series where we share our experience and thoughts and support each other <3

i hope you have a great day , thank you so much for reading .
tigha xoxo