First of all, a big thank you for clicking on my article and enjoy reading it!

Today I reached 10k followers, so I thought it'd be fun to make a 10k special in which I’m going to introduce myself to my readers. It’s something I haven’t done before, so I hope you’ll like it!

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The basics

My name's Paulien, and I’m 18 years old. I have one older sister and one younger brother. I live in Belgium (you may know it of its famous chocolate, beer and waffles). My hobbies are writing, reading and listening to music. And last but not least, I study psychology at college (my first year).

The header image of this article is me, but it's an old picture (oops). Right now, my hair's much shorter.

The specials

I’m a Slytherin, and I’m really proud to be.

I’m an ENFJ or with other words a protagonist.

I’m a feminist.

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I’m a very contradicted person (emotionally).

My birthday is the second of July.

My sun sign is Cancer, my moon sign is Aquarius, and my rising sign is Libra.

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I have so many interests I don’t even know where to start.

I’m absolutely and utterly addicted to music. I’m going to sum up 10 artists I love, just to show you how much of a crazy person I am.

• Twenty One Pilots
• Julia Michaels
• Sia
• Demi Lovato
• Bastille
• Dua Lipa
• Linkin Park
• Halsey
• Fall Out Boy
• Ed Sheeran

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Secondly, I’m obsessed with the Harry Potter series. The whole magical world and the characters are truly amazing. JK Rowling is a genius. Plus Emma Watson is a true inspiration to my feminist heart.

Furthur, I like watching series. But these past few years I just stopped watching a lot of them (I don’t even know why). Here are some of them: The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, 24, The 100, Vikings, The Tudors, Game Of Thrones and so on.

For some strange reason I like the bad guys in movies, series and books. Some examples are Draco Malfoy (even though I think he isn’t bad), Snape, Klaus Mikealson, The Joker and so on.

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Next, I love astrology. The stars are so fascinating and the stories behind them even more.

History and mythology are one of my many random interests. I doubted studying history at college for a long time, but I realized it was more of a hobby than something I really want to work with or for.

I like reading too, but in all honesty I’m more of a Wattpad girl than a real book reader.

I’m in love with aesthetically pleasing pictures. It’s so beautiful to the eyes. Aaahn.

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I adore quotes. It’s a weird concept if you think about it, because quotes are just little pieces of a whole text, article or book, but they’re so powerful and inspirational to me. And on busy days, it’s just fun to read quotes instead of pressuring myself to read more.

Fashion and beauty is also one of the things that interest me. As a little girl, I dreamt about being a fashion designer or model. Now, it’s more of a way to express myself, to show the world who I am and what I like.

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The design of houses, rooms and furniture is also something that really keeps me busy. A couple of months ago I had to design my student room, and I had so much fun doing so. Hanging little lights to make it cosy, making a We Heart It photowall, buying stuff at the Ikea close by, and so on.

To end this “me” paragraph, I’ll point out some of my collections that include interests of mine but that I haven’t yet talked about.

Grunge & Indie

This collection started in some sort of “dark” period in my teenage life, and it has grown so much with me. In the beginning it used to be much more grunge than indie. Now it’s a bit of both. I adore how much love this collection gets, because it’s still the one in which I express myself the most.

Black & White

I don’t know what it is, but every damn picture is so beautiful with the black and white filter.

Photo Art

I have always loved photography, but I don’t really have the time for it myself.


I love travelling so much. If I had the money and a travel-friend, I’d keep exploring the world forever.

Urban Outfitters

I love this shop! I post Instragram pictures of the official Urban Outfitters profile on We Heart It and put them in this collection.

My social media





Last but definitely not least, I want to talk about We heart It. Honestly, I’m so happy I found this app because I really feel like I’ve grown with it. I found so many inspiration on it, it still amazes me every single day.

At the beginning, it was just some sort of outlet for my emotions and thoughts. By now, it’s a part of my life. I write articles, I heart pictures and I make collections of beautiful people and things.

Plus I’m still as surprised as at the start of how fast my followers grow. All of you Hearters are absolutely amazing! Some of you have contacted me before, others just heart a lot of my articles or follow collections of mine. You are all fantastic!

If there are things you want to ask or tell me, don’t hesitate and just send me a message. I like knowing your ideas (things you want me to write about) or opinions.

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Thank you for reading!

Love, Paulien.