1. Dangerous Woman

gif, lips, and ariana grande image
ariana grande, let me love you, and dangerous woman image

2. Problem ft. Iggy Azalea

gif, ariana grande, and problem image
beautiful, problem, and gif image

3. One Last Time

gif, ariana grande, and one last time image
gif and one last time image

4. Side To Side ft. Nicki Minaj

gif, ariana grande, and side to side image
beautiful, video, and nicki minaj image

5. Break Free ft. Zedd

actress, gif, and icons image
gif, break free, and Lyrics image

6. Into You

gif, pretty, and ariana grande image
ariana grande, into you, and music video image

7. Focus

gif, focus, and ariana grande image
gif image

8. Everyday ft. Future

gif and ariana grande image
everyday, gif, and ariana grande image

9. Santa Tell Me

bae, beautiful, and moonlight image
gif, merry christmas, and ariana grande image

10. Love Me Harder ft. The Weeknd

gif, ariana grande, and the weeknd image
besties, ariana, and gif image


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