Feeling lost is the worst feeling ever. You just wake up some morning and you realise that you don't know what life is about. You start wondering what you will do when you grow up, what kind of job you want to have. Sometimes you ask yourself who you are,if you really have a goal, if one day somoene will really love you or if you're gonna spend your life all alone.

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We don't know it yet but this is what life is about. Finding your way. In your adventure of life, searching yourself will make you stronger. You will be much braver, kinder and responsible. Finding who you are gives you the maturity that you need to live in the big world, or just to feel good. But first, you need to find yourself.

this is the hardest part of your life. realising who you are.There are so many different ways to do it, but it will always be difficult. Some people never really find themselves, wich is very sad because life is way greyer when you don't find your way...

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You need to know that everybody has a personality, but not everyone knows really wich is their. You cand be the funny one, the artistic one, the beautiful one...Everyone can label you. But some people just copy others to show people they can be funny too,or that they can be the artistic one etc...

You don't need to do this, because inside of you, you are someone.Just trust yourself and be who you are because maybe people will love you more by knowing your own personality. Your way to be is something that nobody can steal you, so use it.

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So, if you don't succeed by knowing who you are,experience new things...Travel, read books you would have never touched before,cook, take art class or music class, dance all night long, go to sleep at 7p.m, drink hot chocolate in th middle of the night, watch a whole TV serie in two days,kiss strangers...just LIVE.

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Life is something you can experience just ones, so don't let your dreams fly away. Maybe one day you will wake up and realise it's to late. Maybe one day you will wake up and realise you lived your life like you always wanted...