Hello and welcome to another article! In this article I will show you some things you can do if you're sick, or even just if you can't go out or feeling down.

watch cartoons

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I don't know why but watch cartoons a lot when I'm feeling down or sick. I specially love the regular show and power puff girls and pretty much anything on cartoon network.

drink tea

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A good cup of hot tea will surely make you feel better when you're sick and recovery will be faster. Look for the type of tea which is more suitable for your situation.


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Sometimes all you need is a good nap and some rest. Get some sleep and wake up feeling revigorated!

text/ / call your friends

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Don't let not being able to be physically with your friends stop you! Text them, call them and talk with them for as long as you both can. Who knows, maybe they'll come visit you.


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Find a good book, get yourself comfortable and read, read, read.

have a relaxing bath

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Having a long relaxing bath or shower is always good and it actually makes you feel better when you're sick, so don't hesitate to relax in a long bath.

cuddle with your pets

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I mean... who wouldn't feel instantly better? Cuddle your babies, give them love. They're so cute and are always there for you to make you happier.

movie marathon

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Make a selection of your favorite movies and the ones you've always wanted to see and make a movie marathon.

These are some things you can do if you're feeling sick, down or can't go out. I hope you liked it! And if you're sick, I hope you get well soon!

Thank you for reading.

~ mags (@loveinbrooklyn)

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