Since winter is coming, i thought about helping some of you guys find some trends to rock this winter time!


Long coats adds a stylish and really nice touch to your style. Since it's cold outside, you want a warm coat but you still want it to make your outfit POP! Personally, i am in love with grey coats, i think they can fit with anything in your closet!

here are some examples of long coats you could wear this winter:

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Who doesn't love a good oversized sweater? Well i love it!
They are so comfortable and AFFORDABLE. Sweaters from Forever21 are the perfect example, they are very cute, stylish and affordable. You can wear them with basically anything, jeans, leggings and even boyfriend or mom's jeans.

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Guys!!! Boot are the KEY to your outfit! You need these boots and they need you. I really think high boots will now be ''the new trend'' since we all saw Ariana Grande wear her high boots with a long shirt. (please wear pants in winter cause it's cold, thank you), but you can always rock the high boots style or even low-rise ones.

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Here are some colours that would be perfect this winter!

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Last but not least, here are some cute hairstyle you could have to fit with your perfect winter outfit!

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-EM 💛