I absolutely love winter but I know that many people see it just as a time when the temperature drops and they are forced to stay inside. Plus many people can get very depressed as the sun is no longer out as much and it's easier for people to make excuses to become isolated. So I decided to write this article to try to help people appreciate winter more and maybe even learn to love it like I do. Hope you like it ❤️

winter, snow, and christmas image snow, budapest, and christmas image chanel, light, and christmas image
1) Exploring the winter wonderland around you
christmas, light, and winter image christmas, winter, and christmas tree image christmas, winter, and snow image christmas, winter, and christmas tree image
2) Christmas Trees
fashion, gucci, and white image fashion, girl, and style image fashion, bag, and clothes image
3) Getting to pull out your cozy clothes
fashion image dog, lily rose depp, and pug image
4) Finding a winter style icon
bath and cozy vibes image girl, city, and window image
5) Hiding from the cold
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1) Getting to wear faux fur coats
fashion, girl, and friends image friends, fashion, and winter image clothes, fashion, and girl image winter, snow, and gossip girl image
2) Braving the cold with your bestie
apple, gossip girl, and laptop image christmas, dog, and winter image
3) Staying in to binge your favorite shows and movies
bath, book, and flowers image
4) Staying warm and finally getting to read that book
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5) Baking and eating delicious, warm treats

XO Lainey