"My First Article | About Myself!"

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"Here is some facts about myself."

I'm Destini Louise, I'm 24 years old! I'm straight! I'm a very shy type of girl but I always have a smile on my face even when i'm upset! I'm obsessed with Frozen Mocha Coffee's, Apple Inc Products, Social Media, Taking Photos, Full House and Fuller House, Teen Mom 2, and Teen Mom OG! I have been to North and South Carolina, Ohio and Maryland! My dream is to travel someday to California! I love a lot of things but the main things that I love are; my family and my furrbabies, photography, music, mountain rides, holidays, video games, zebra print, skulls, piercings and tattoos.

There's some facts about who I am.

If you did read this article of mine or gave it a heart, thank you so much, it means soo much too me!

XOXO, Destini Louise♥️