I would describe myself as a very positive person, but lately I've been finding that I have days where I find it really tricky to keep that positive outlook going. I realise that everyone has not-so-good days and that they are a part of life as much as good days are, even though we might wish that we didn't have so many of them. What I think is that without the not-so-good days we wouldn't recognise the good days as good days, and every day would just be an average one. But they're still a pain in the butt. They still stress me out and make me sad and tired and frustrated. However, there are things I can do to make that stressful, tiring day a little bit more positive - and productive. So I am going to share some of these small things that I do to brighten my days when they don't go so well, and I am going to hope they work for you swell, because that's kind of the idea for me writing this article. We shall begin insert swooshy finger arrow dance move here

1. Fill in a colouring page - I find colouring really therapeutic at the end of a tense day, because it's a small thing which doesn't require a lot of attention and effort, but you can see your progress clearly in front of you. This makes me feel super productive and that is really good when you feel down.

2. Read a book - A lot of people find reading really difficult, and if that is you then I'm sorry. For me personally though, reading is such a great way to unwind because I can just focus on the book and the words and the characters, which really helps to take my mind off of the things which haven't gone so well during my day. I also start off most of my days by reading for about 20 minutes, which is just something small, but it's productive and it sets the mood for the rest of the day so that I can say that I've done at least one thing productive.

3. Have a shower - I'm not a person who finds baths very relaxing. I definitely prefer to have showers because I think it's almost like I can wash away some of the negativity of my day, and then afterwards I can take a step back from the situation with a clear mind and think about what went wrong and how I could help it. (I also find washing my hair very therapeutic but I have no idea why)

4. Spend time with a pet - Ok, so I know not everyone has pets, but I love my pets so much and playing with them is almost always guaranteed to make me feel better on a not-so-good day. There's something about he way that despite the negativity in the world (some of which they do actually recognise), they are still able to play and run and love and that really makes me rethink my view on negativity in my life. So, whether it's your hamster or your cat or your goldfish, show your pet some love and get a lot in return, because they always seem to have so much to give.

5. Do something you love and is productive - For me this would be learning a new song or chord on my ukulele, or reading or writing, but for other people it might be dancing or baking or running or going to the gym; honestly it could be absolutely anything that you can do and that makes you feel good and accomplished when you do it.

There are plenty more things which I do to make myself feel bittern not-so-good days, but I think this article is actually getting pretty long so I'm going to wrap it up with one more thing. You may have noticed that I have chosen to say "not-so-good days" rather than "bad days". This is because I believe there's good in everyday, that not day is wholly and truly "bad". Even if you have a day which is 98% awful and terrible, there is still 2% of that day which is worthwhile and positive and bright. So on a not-so-good day keep hold of that 2% or 3% which is good and keep going, because there will come a day which is 100% wonderful.

"For what it's worth, you showed me something, Ultraviolet - there is such thing as a perfect day."
- Jennifer Niven, All the Bright Places