I remember the morning we were woken with a harsh knock on the door.
It was our neighbour, your friend.

My mother, your wife answered the door, our neighbour had said someone was laying in our backgarden. My mum went out and found it to be you. Dead in the garden.

I found out a minute later when my mum came into my room with an expression of a statue and the complexion of a ghost.

I didn't believe her at first, I really didn't dad, it took me by utter surprise.

I honestly thought you'd out live me.

I had a solid 15 minutes of calm before all of your family members rushed in from around the city.

In them 15 minutes I remembered you.

You were with me throughout my childhood, half of my life you were there. You made my mum a very happy woman and I salute you for that.

I remember when my mum left on trips you would make the nicest dinner, although the portion sizes were bigger than my stomachs capacity, unfortunately.
Or your absolutely horrible jokes.

You were a big child and as annoying as it was at the time, I think back and I've finally realised it was one of your great qualities.

You have shaped me into the girl I am today, I have learnt soo much from you, so much.

As I cry writing this I have to say, you were a major part of my life and still are as I think of you everynight and day.

I love you with everything. I miss you dad.

I shall tell your daughter, my sister, about you. I'll tell her of how you adored her.
She started school this year. I know you would have wished to seen her. though I have no doubt you were there in presence. I'm certain she'll make you proud.

I never expressed how grateful I was for you.
I guess now I'm a bit late but I am so thankful for you, everything you did for me and my family. You were an amazing man and I know no-one will ever replace you.

I love you so much.
I hope to see you again