i've been speechless for three days now. gus has not left my mind whatsoever. i keep thinking about the fact that death is so scary and unforeseeable sometimes. especially for people that are in a bad place. depression, anxiety, disorders, sadness, traumatic experiences; it's scary how those things affect you, what they make you do.

he was twenty one years old and he had such big plans for the future, he was a rising artist, he was slowly but surely getting to the top. he was so close. and to think that such thing as depression got him into drugs and what not.. it made him feel less of the pain he was feeling when he was sober. and it ended up killing him.

even if i'm not the biggest fan, it's hard for me to deal with this. seeing such a young, ambitious, nice human being have his life taken away from him by his own demons overwhelms me.

i think it's time for people to realize that mental disorders are not phenomenons made up by attention seekers. they are weapons. mental disorders are weapons and if you don't know how to deal with them, you're gonna get yourself killed.

i still cannot believe i'm saying this, it's still so unreal to me, but rest in peace, gustav. you've done good things for this world and sadly the world didn't do so for you.

hope you're happier up there, with the stars.