hey guyysss,, this is my first article so bare with me lol. i thought i'd let you guys in on the places i've travelled. i’m from canada for anyone wondering so we like to get away from the cold when we travel ♡.


—i went to waikiki over christmas break a few years ago and loved it! it’s definitely a beautiful place where i’d love to visit again. we stayed at a hotel near the beach so we went swimming everyday and it was heaven! the water is so blue, even in december. ahhh i miss it.

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—ok, so for mexico we didn’t see too much (except the ocean, which was beeaauuutifulllll) but i remember one day where we walked along the beach for hours, until we reached a cute little town. we stayed in puerto vallarta and it was so pretty! i wish i took pictures but i was young and only had my ipod 4 with me. a true tragedy.

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—we travelled to europe earlier this summer in july, and i miss it so much! it’s so beautiful and we met so many nice people, my camera roll is bursting with thousands of pictures and videos still. i lovelovelove it so much and hope one day i get to go back. we spent a week in rome, a week onboard a cruise ship, which was so. much. fun., and a few days in venice. this was by far my favourite vacation to be honest, after awhile we kind of blended into the culture there, and within the first day i fell in love. and i loooove pasta so every meal was amazing.

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we stayed in an airbnb near St. Peter's Basilica and it was so prettyyyyyy. we spent so much time eating gelato and pizza oops.

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—the mediterranean sea

on the cruise, we visited florence italy, the amalfi coast and pompeii, cannes france, barcelona, and a little island off the coast of barcelona called palma de mallorca. they were all beautiful places i would love to stay longer. we had like 12 hours in each place, but i loved every minute.

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the amalfi coast, florence, cannes, and the mediterranean sea ♡


Venice was so pretty! the old buildings and the lifestyle there is so cool. i really want to go back again for longer than 4 days. we stayed near the support hands structer and that was truly beautiful, just like the rest of the city.

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anywayyyys,, that’s all i have to say about that and i hope you all have a great day. ♡♡