hey!! this is my first article, so im not sure how this is gonna go, but i wanted to give it a shot! im currently sitting in a coffee-shop, about 25 minutes away from home. listening to music and drinking a white mocha. in this article, im going to be sharing some of my current favorite songs. i hope you enjoy, and maybe i will get better at writing these 😁

I'm Ready - Niykee Heaton
Do It Myself - Russ
Sky Walker - Miguel, Travis Scott
Drew Barrymore - Bryce Vine
Supermodel - SZA
Smoke Filled Room (Acoustic Session) - Mako
Drew Barrymore - SZA
Letdown - nothing,nowhere.
drugs - EDEN
All Falls Down - Alan Walker, Noah Cyrus

so thats all for this article. im not sure how many people will see this, but i wanted to try it out and see if writing articles is something that i would like to do more often.
💘💘💘 - claire