So, i got a couple of coworkers, who are moms with their heart and soul. And since i work in a low-income branch but still study besides work, we make lots of fun about me getting a better job one day. I study computer science and i plan to work with in the industry one day, preferably cars or robotics/biomechanics. So, as we make fun about me getting a better-paid job and a big house my coworker asked if i could adopt her. She's got two kids at the age of 2 and 5 and she's exhausted as fuck. We joke about how i adopt her after her kids are out of the house and we're going to have parties in my crib and sleepovers, that kind of stuff. Dancing around in the living room, eating pizza for breakfast, sleeping in cause there are no kids in the house and we don't have to get up for work or classes. So, after a while i ask her, if she'd adopt me if i asked her to. She said, 'yeah, but i'm already so overwhelmed and exhausted with my kids, you're gonna have to wait a couple of years.' Also her place is kinda small. So i started to wonder, why the hell don't i just adopt myself? If a young woman my age asked me to adopt her, i would. Why wouldn't i just adopt myself and take care of myself like i would of my coworkers?
Gues that was the moment, when i realized that i don't need saving from anyone. I just need some love and benevolence for my inner child. From myself, for myself.