Here we go again. Hello everyone! I've got some new music tips for you. It's some kind of mixture, i don't even know. Please enjoy!)

The Kooks - Bad Habit
I just can't believe that it came about 3 years ago. (But to be honest i live in my own world where 2010 was like 5 years ago so)

the kooks and indie image

MISSIO - Everybody Gets High
Okay so this one is really different but i like it because of the beat in the middle. Like good, good, good and at some point im like 'hell yeah'.

eyes, grunge, and tumblr image

grandson - Bury Me Face Down

When I go into the ground
I won't go quietly, I'm bringin' my crown
band, lovelovelove, and rock image

Two Feet - Love Is A Bitch
Oh God, im sick of gummy bears right now.
This one is so calm and it gives me some kind of nude vibes.

Mature image

And the last one is River by Bishop Briggs

bishop briggs image

These are the type of songs you click by an accident and you don't regret it.

Well, thank you all so much for reading this! Feel welcome to write me anything you want. (I highly recommend The Neighbourhood - Say My Name/Cry Me A River)