Introducing yourself to people who don't know you is hard. What do you say? What can you tell them that doesn't sound biased or carefully collected to present a certain impression to them?
I believe one never really can get everything down on paper. But then again, they do call this a challenge.

My name is Augusta Solberg, and I am twenty-two years old. I live in Denmark, and six months ago I moved out of my parents house and into a dorm in a city called Lyngby near Copenhagen. I study law at the University of Copenhagen, and I like it, but I have liked it more. One could say that I have hit a bit of a roadblock, study-wise. I am, however, completely certain of what I want to work with: human rights. In what capacity, I'm not completely sure yet, but that will come.

I love cooking, especially for other people. It's no shocker that I also quite like (slight understatement) eating food. My family have always been big on cooking and expanding their culinary repertoire, a part of their lifestyle that I greatly appreciate has rubbed off on me. Food to me is just a great way to connect with people, and it makes people happy. And I love making people around me feel loved and appreciated.

My coffee intake is probably waaaaaay beyond what is healthy, but I mean, come on. I'm a student. Was anything else really to be expected?
I get bullied by "real" grown ups about the fact that my cup of coffee contains two sugars, because as we all know, real grown ups should suffer constantly, which is what would happen if I went sugarless in regards to my (precious) coffee.
I am have a huge sweet tooth. My favorite is salty, black licorice, and I'm not overly fond of chocolate. If you choose to leave this article in a brilliant rage-quit after that confession, I understand. Being a non-enthusiast about chocolate has cost me friends before.

I also don't like ketchup, green peppers, or sausage. If given the offer, I would like to abstain from french fries and cheap pizza (frozen or from a pizzaria, makes no difference). So. There's that.

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Are you still here after my food confessions? Good. I like that. Let's continue.

In my heart lives wanderlust; I have travelled quite a lot, and I still dream of places I've been and places yet to be explored.

I've always been a reader, although since starting university, I haven't really had the time to read as much for fun as I used to. But I grew up on great books, and books have influenced me greatly throughout time. My favorite books are the Harry Potter series. I could write an entire article about why, but I'll spare you that. Everybody knows that Harry Potter is the bomb anyways.

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How cute is the niffler from Fantastic Beasts btw? So. Fucking. Adorable.

I am a feminist. I believe in girls supporting girls, and letting boys be soft. I support black lives matter. I believe in the LGBTQ+ movement. I am a volunteer worker in a Danish organisation called Sex og Samfund (in English: The Danish Family Planning Association), where we work towards equal rights and opportunity for all, as well as the distribution of information about ones rights, as well as sexual and reproductive health. It's work I believe greatly in. I think a lot of people need better sexual education, especially teenagers.

I am a sarcastic motherfucker. I have a dry sense of humor, and I strive to make people laugh. I believe in the magic that is laughter. I also have a sharp tongue, and am not afraid to verbally hit back if provoked.

Meaning two things:

  • I do great banter
  • Don't mess with me

And lastly, a few quickies:
I am a huge movie and series lover. If life gets me down, binge watching is my go-to cure. Also, wine. Red is a fave, but really any wine will get you bff points.

My friends mean everything to me, and I will protect them with my all. Very much a mother-cat and they are my kittens. Have repeatedly been dupped the "mom friend".

Music makes me feel badass. I have a very active imagination, and will frequently make up scenes in my head that rely on the soundtrack. Much unwritten fanfiction have come into existence this way.

(Yes, I am that kind of fan)

I coo over animals, but dogs in particular.

I am a perfectionist, yet constantly procrastinate. Example: This article is being written while I should:

  • go to the story to buy last minute ingredients
  • make pizza dough
  • tidy my room
  • clean my room
  • go for a run

... so yeah. Slight problem. Oh well.

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And that is the end of my article about me. I don't really expect anyone to read it, but the act of writing it was fun. In the unlikely case that anybody actually read it: thank you, and hopefully you'll continue on to see what the next fourteen days bring.

Adieu, I am off to the store!