things you should never forget ✰

i am new to writing articles, but i really wanted to start writing so i think this is a good way to start. enjoy ☀☀

1. you should never be afraid to be yourself

it sounds really hard and i know it is, but life is so much more fun and easier when you just don't care about other people's opinions. the most important thing is that the people you care about, care about you too and love you the way you are. it's okay to have struggles with ignoring what people think about you, but i know you can do it!

2. live your life to the fullest everyday

don't live for the weekends or holidays, make everyday as great as you can. dance to your favourite song everyday, buy that cute shirt you wanted for so long, send that tekst you're scared of to send. life will be better if you just start living and don't wait for the perfect moments.

3. things take time

it's okay if you haven't had your first kiss while you're 16, it's okay if you aren't as good as your other classmates in that one subject, it's okay if you don't feel your best everyday. your days will come, you'll get that kiss, you'll be good in that subject, you'll feel better soon. good things take time, just live the life you want and everything will be better soon.

4. you are beautiful just the way you are

you should remember everyday, that you are gorgeous. you are so wonderful, you are beautiful just the way you are. you should be proud
of your flaws. someday someone will fall in love with all your flaws.

you are b e a u t i f u l