i know i changed myself. but i hope in a good way and i can't be happier, to be honest.

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i can tell you the change feels so good. i'm more confident about myself, about my body, about everything. i know i'm worth it and you should know you're worth it too.

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and who changed me? me, my brain, the beat generation and music, especially arctic monkeys. and of course, the people who support me no matter what.

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you know, i was really insecure about myself, about my body, simply about everything. i was really anxious and depressed all the time when i looked at other successful girls.

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but then, we were learning about the beat generation in 1950s - 1960s in america and i just fell in love with books from that era, especially with "howl and other poems" by allen ginsberg.

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few days later, i found out about arctic monkeys. well, i knew alex turner before but i didn't know about this band. and they changed my life, especially alex.

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i read about his life and behaving at school and i realised, it's totally useful to be stressed like all the time and bet on it i was like that. i was stressed about everything at school, in my life and about myself.

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thanks to these things, i finally realised it doesn't matter if you're thick, fat, skinny or whatever. you're the person who you are. without these things, it wouldn't be you.

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i also started writing poetry and some lyrics and it helped me. i started with these things thanks to arctic monkeys and the beat generation.

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i cleared my mind and i don't care about other's people opinion. well, i listen to them, i understand they don't have to like me but i don't care. i just shrug and the life goes on. can you imagine how miserable my life would be if i care about other's people opinion? i don't even want to imagine such a thing because it would be a pure disaster.

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little things make me happy. yesterday, i saw an old man, he could be my granpa, were walking down the street with a bouquet of red roses for his beautiful lady and it made my day.

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i try to understand to problems of other people. i listen to them, i want to see them happy, smiling and enjoying life as well as me.

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i also started trying to understand to art. i mean, my inner hippie artist woke up, i guess. i'm trying to understand the words in songs and try to find out what could happen to the author.

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i just want to tell you to be the person who you are.
just be yourself.
don't compare yourself to other people.it will destroy you, trust me.
just be you.
it's the most important thing and that's it, baby.
it's you.
your real self.
so, why would you like to be like other people?

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and hey, you're amazing, beautiful no matter what.