I have a friend.
She is my support system and
With her, there is no end,
And our bond will always expand.

I am grateful for her.
During the night when the owls stir,
I think of her.

When the sun is bright,
It reminds me of her.
It's extremely bright,
and it has a hot temperature.

During the week,
When I am about to give up,
When I am weak,
I keep going because of her.

I haven't had a friend quite like her,
Who is not selfish
And radiates kindness,
She's unique, and stands up for
What she believes.
She has courage.

During this time of thanks,
Uni, I just want to say,
Thank you for always being there.
I couldn't ask for a better friend like you.

I could never find someone
As awesome as you are.
I just want to thank you
For being you.

Please go follow @secretlysmiles right now if you haven't. She's such a great person, I could go on for hours. Uni, if you see this, thank you for just being a friend. :)