Hi guys,
here I am with ideas and tips to decorate your rooms in case you don't know how to do it. I'm really obsessed with the interior design and I like to improve my room whenever I can. I hope to help you!


The bed is fundamental in a room and what you put on top of it can change it completely. Obviously a bed that is not too elaborate can be decorated with fancy cushions, duvets and coloured blankets and lights. Personally I recommend that you take a simple black or white bed and decorate it with colors that match the rest of the room. I love pillows and duvets with geometric patterns! My favorite colors are black, white, grey and pink. My favorite shop where I can find them is maison du monde. (www.maisondumonde.com)

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The desk is also very important to define the style of your room. But even more important is that it be ordered! It's not nice to see desks submerged by sheets, books, notebooks and pens! Try to arrange everything neatly and if you have a computer, don't hesitate to put it in sight. I personally love glass desks.
Also for desks I recommend maison du monde!.

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To decorate your desk you can add scented candles, tablecloths and needles, of course always in an orderly way.

Bookcases and Shelves

Bookcases and shelves can embellish a room and are useful for putting books and various items. For those who read a lot, they are fundamental. The important thing is to sort everything you put there. I love to embellish it all with lights and photos, but you can stick stickers and other things.

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For the wardrobe just follow a rule: order. Try to divide the clothes by type or color, it will be much faster to choose what you put!.

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For furnishing accessories you have free choice! Just coordinate their colors and style with your room.
My favorite furniture shops are maison du monde and ikea.

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Thank you for reading me. I hope that these tips will be useful to you!. 💝