Hey guys,
I don't know if you have siblings but let me tell you it's hard to be the youngest sibling.
Why? I'll tell you...

1. You will always be the baby

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Babys are cute tho

Your parents accept when your siblings grow up but if you're the youngest you will always be their little baby because your parents doesn't want all their children to grow up.So in my case (I'm almost 18 years old) my parents still pretend like I'm 10 and it sucks. Not matter how old I am I will always be their baby...

2. Your siblings will always criticize you

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I don't know why they do that, but I guess it makes them feel better. It's so annoying when your whole Family has breakfast together and someone criticizes you all the time.
"omg did you gain weight"
"your shirt is ugly"
"why don't you ever leave your room"
And then they ask me why I never want to spend time with them. Why would I when there's always someone to insult me?

3. You will always get compared

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You have to do everything better if you don't want to hear everyone say "Your sister/brother was better than you"
And it's even harder when you are as talentless as I am.

4. You never get to say anything

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I guess I am

When my family and I spend time together everyone wants to say something and everyone gets to say something except for me. Because I'm still a little child and nobody cares about my opinion. Even when I try to talk I always get interrupted.
They act like I'm invisible...

There are actually more reasons but I think that's enough.
If you guys have siblings please don't treat them like that.

Have a good day everyone x

Ps: I'm german so I'm sorry if there are any mistakes...