Hello beautifuls! This is my first article on WHI.
This is going to be all about you. I am outlining some different types of personalitys. Just pick the one which fits to you the best. Comment your result. I am really looking forward to read what you got. XOXO - Marlie

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the daydreamer

  • a beautiful person inside and outside
  • loves to spend time outside
  • loves the warm weather of spring
  • paints and reads a lot
  • favourite thing to do is watching the sunset while listening to soft music
  • does not talk a lot but if you get to know them they are very friendly
  • often lost in thoughts
  • has a beautiful smile
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the daydreamer

the loving vampire

  • mysterious girl with beautiful hair
  • loves the night and the shine of candlelight
  • favourite thing to do is meeting with friends to have a milkshake
  • prefers winter and cold weather
  • falls in love with the bad guys
  • sleeps until 2pm
  • loves sparkling make-up and black clothes
  • loves the smell of rain
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the loving vampire

the travelling kiddo

  • loves to explore new places
  • takes asthetic photos of everything
  • can't decide between the sea and the mountains
  • loves car rides where they can sing along their favourite songs
  • prefers outdoor activities like horseback riding
  • enjoys unusual food
  • wants to sleep under the stars
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the travelling kiddo

the real life fairy

  • has many good friends
  • loves orange lemonade
  • has really good piano skills
  • enters a room and all heads are turning
  • dances a lot and everywhere
  • loves the summer and the warm sun
  • is passionated about helping other people
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the real life fairy

the sunkissed mermaid

  • loves the sea and the beach
  • does like swimming and surfing
  • tanned skin with bikini stripes
  • loves to spend evenings with friends at the beach
  • smells like coconut and papaya
  • prefers to walk barefoot at home
  • favourite place is the beachbar
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the sunkissed mermaid

the nancy wheeler girl

  • is a really brave girl
  • many boys fall in love with her but she can't decide who is the right boy for her
  • always protects her family and friends
  • in love with clothes from the 80s
  • often breaks the rules
  • likes to party a lot but she does not know her limit
  • but she has a warm and loving heart
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the nancy wheeler girl

the night thinker

  • does not sleep a lot
  • loves watching netflix while laying in their warm bed
  • is often a little sad because life does not work out as they want it to
  • but has good friends to rely on
  • is a totally cat person
  • does not wear a lot of makeup but is still pretty
  • dreams about her bright future a lot
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the night thinker

That's it. Choose your personality and lifestyle type and tell me what you got! Hope you had fun reading this article. More articles are about to follow. XOXO - Marlie