Thanksgiving is coming up soon so I had the idea to write about small things that we should all appreciate. Sometimes when I'm upset I don't see the little things right in front of me that make me happy so I thought I'd take some time to reflect & write about the things that I love that often go under appreciated. Without further-ado, here's my list of 10 small things I appreciate and I think you should too. <3

1. Hot showers after a long day

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More often than not, taking a shower after a loooooong day can seem like burden when you just want to crawl in bed. But we should really appreciate hot showers, they help us relax after a stressful day & makes sleeping SO much more comfortable.

2. Local coffee shops

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A Starbucks frap is always a treat but local coffee shops have this sense of coziness that you can't find anywhere else. Take some time to appreciate your local shops, they work hard & are great for snapping pics of latte art!

3. Lofi Hiphop mixes♫

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If you don't know what lofi hiphop mixes are, just search it on youtube. You won't regret it. I really appreciate these mixes because they're usually pretty long and are so great for relaxing, drawing, writing, or even reflecting. It's such a soft type of music great for listening to while watching the rain.

4. Phone calls from your family

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When I was younger, I absolutely HATED interacting with my family but as you get older everyone seems to disconnect a little more & you realize how important your family is. Going away for college made me appreciate phone calls soooo much because it made the distance seem not so far. A phone call from your aunt, grandma, or mom is just a little reminder of how much they care about you & even if constant calls from your mom seem annoying now, you'll definitely appreciate them one day <3

5. Cozy days in

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Sometimes I get frustrated when I want to go out & instead end up bored at home BUT if you get cozy & make the most out of it, it can be something you should do more often. Nights in are much appreciated because they give me a chance to recharge & take care of myself and my well being.

*6. WHI

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We all know WHI is great. OBVI. Seriously though, maybe to others spending a large chunk of my time on here might seem like a waste to others but WHI has helped me through so much and I love inspiring you guys. WE have such a positve community on here that I really appreciate <3

7. Thank Yous

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We might hear 'thank you' quite a lot and at this point we feel like it's sorta just polite to say thank you but receiving a 'thank you' means someone is happy with something you did. That should make you feel appreciated! I really appreciate when someone says 'thank you' to me especially if it's for something that I do that usually goes unnoticed. Don't forget to thank people even for small acts! It could make someones day!

8. The smell of mom's cooking

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Trust me on this, you NEVER appreciate home food until you move out. NO one can do it like mom does. Just being home for the holidays & being able to smell mom's food all through out the house makes everything better.

9. Your bestie's quirkiness

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For a whole year my bestie and I lived pretty far from each other and every time we'd hangout it'd make me realize how one in a million she is. BFF's are such a blessing & no one will ever be more annoying & weird as your bestie so appreciate them!

10. Smiles from strangers

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Who doesn't love to receive a good smile? Smiles are nice gestures that can lift your spirits up on a bad day & we can't let that go underappreciated. Make someone's day & smile!

I hope today's article made you reflect on some of your favorite little things! Write about your favorite things & tag me in it! I'd love to see what small things make you happy! As always, feel free to message me to talk or to leave suggestions for the next article and don't forget to check out my other articles!<3

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I hope Thanksgiving treats you all well this year♡