We are taught to be brave and strong. We are taught to do our own thing and not care about what the others have to say.

But as soon as we do all of those things. We are the "losers" because we are "different". And I think to myself. WHATS SO BAD ABOUT BEING DIFFERENT?!

I don't want to be like all the girls with their basic shit like "you have to be popular" and "you have to have long her and you have to be this and that"

Why do I have to be like everybody when I can be so much more.

As a person who may or may not suffer a little from social anxiety. Everything makes me uncomfortable. When people look at me, when I have to walk alone in a crowded place, when I have to say something. EVERYTHING. And when people are telling me you have to be this and that. I'll do it. Because I don't want to be left out. But I learned something.

It really doesn't matter what they think.

Be different. Be unique. Be whatever makes you feel confident.

Because as long as you feel confident they can't do anything to you. And I learned that. I don't know how but I realized that I can't keep living this life like a fragile girl who can't speak up. I had to break out of my shell to become the person I always dreamed of being. I might not have reached the exact point of where I want to be. But I'm going there. Slowly but surely. And I'm proud of myself.

(this is something that is on my mind o a lot. and i don't want to hate on anybody who is basic and everything because i'm still basic sometimes as well. its just that i hate to be as everyone else i want to be different but i'm afraid of it. so this is just something i wrote real quick to kind of show that so idek. thanks for reading though <3)