We all want the best Instagram feed/theme as possible, but with some tips and tricks and som extra effort, that ultimate goals feed will be yours!

1. Find Inspiration
Your Instagram is like your personal diary where you post pictures from your daily life, and to know what to take a picture of you're going to need inspiration, so search for picture inspiration on Tumblr, WHI etc, or even take some inspo from your favourite Instagrammers!

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2. Plane your feed
I use VSCO or UNUM to plan my feed. I import the photos I want to post and I play around with the order of them and plan at least a few posts ahead so that I know how pictures will look next to each other.

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3. Filters
The key to the perfect Instagram is having the same filters on all of your pictures depending on what type of theme you have you can have different type of filters, make sure that you always colour coordinate your pictures, so that you stick to around 3-5 colours for your feed.

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These are just some ideas, if you want some more filters check out my collection!

4. Lighting
The key to a successful and on point picture all depends on the lighting that you have when taking your picture, instead of taking a selfie in a room with yellow lighting try taking it infront of a window where you'll get a perfect natural light. Try to take your pictures in the day when the lightning is perfect instead in the middle of the night, and of course if you have studio lights use them but the key is natural lighting !

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5. Be picky
Don’t just post any image. If its grainy, blurry or not looking 100% use some restraint and try not to post it. For photos that aren’t up to par, I share them on Facebook or Twitter and also gives my followers there some unique content to see that they wouldn’t find on other platforms. This will help your feed look quality and clean.

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So that was it and thank you for reading my first article on WHI and hopefully you got some help! Don't forget to heart this if you liked it and thanks for reading <3


;love sarah