Have you ever wondered why are you here? I mean, why do you still alive?

Well, maybe you think is just luck, good health and destiny.

But as many times, you are wrong my friend.

We still here because of our heartbeats,

And please do not think your heart beats just because is it´s function.

You make it work., somebody makes it work.

Now, why do I say somebody?

You still here because of his gorgeous smile, or her green deep eyes that make you go nuts, or your little baby's cry that shows you how much he or she needs you, you still here because of all that crazy friends that make you go out in the middle of the night, for those that once kiss your lips and make you feel totally alive, even if you don't talk anymore.

For all that impossible love stories that make you cry every night, or make you blush every day.

You still here because of all your memories, for all your dreams, for all that delicious cookies and that marvellous book, for more spring,summer,fall and winter, for all that wild cities and bohemian spaces,so, as you can see.
You were wrong.

And that...

is the reason of a heartbeat.