It’s time to wake up
It’s time to get out of the damn bed and face the life
It’s time to face what you fear that much, what has been the culprit of your nightmares
It’s time to take the bull by the horns
Time to go out even knowing that you could come back in a thousand pieces
But you won’t stay static one more day
No longer
That is over
It’s time to go for what you worth
For what you wish, for what you want and for what YOU deserve
And do you know why? Cause i don’t give a fuck what they’ve been told you before. That you don’t work, that you’re not able, that you don’t deserve it, that you can’t.
I don’t give a damn that today the bets don’t run in your favor, that the numbers are against you, that the statistics seek to crush you.
And do you know why they do it?
Cause they’re afraid of you
Cause you made yourself in the fire
Cause you resisted every damn blow that life gave you.
Cause you resurfaced among the ashes. Cause you hit bottom and being there you pushed yourself until you win again
Cause adversities made you stronger
When they thought you would lose, you won
When they thought you wouldn’t arrive, you arrived
When they thought you wouldn’t did it, you did it
Cause you made yourself hard like stones, strong like a oak and high like mountains
Cause you were in the flames, those that everybody’s afraid to be in
And you did it, you burned, you grew up, you won, you return, you’ll do it again and you are doing.
So go out and show them what’re you made of, show them what you are able to do.
Let them never forget your name, let you step so hard that your fingerprint can’t be erased, let live forever, let them remember you, let achieve the eternity. Let inspire, let move, let become the ultimate nightmare of your enemies, let them follow you, let fall and get up again
It’s time to wake up