In seventh grade a new boy came to my small town. It is a VERY small town so ALL the girls were crazy over him. Me, being an outcast, never understood why. But deep down I always hid the fact that I thought he had some of the most beautiful eyes I have ever made eye contact with.
In all the 5 years I went to school with him I could never conjure up the nerve to talk to him. In high school anytime we would be in the same room or hallways I would always frantically search for something to put all my focus on to avoid any human contact with him. But at the same time I would always oddly search for him and we would always make awkward eye contact.
Sadly in high school he went down a path of destruction after his cheerleader girlfriend and him went through a very ugly break up. He completely lost himself in his pain. Not just the pain of his break up but everything troubling him in his life. It got so bad he was kicked out of school I didnt see or know anything of him for the next year and half until one day he sent me a friend request. That only lasted about two months until he deleted me for reasons I have yet to discover.
I had been living my life going to work, reading, hanging out with friends, and just living my life. But one day I wake up get ready for work, eat breakfast, and drive to work which is ONE hour away from my town. I arrive at work enter the building and there they were....those eyes, again.