Hi guys! I decided to start doing these posts as a series, and each one of those will have a movie or series as a topic. Today, as you can see from the image, im going to discuss about one of my favorite disney movies in whole time (being honest with you, i still watch them when i think i lost myself, but that will be explained another time, if you wish).

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First Girl Power I learn and i didn't even know how important it was for me to have a role model that embraces it.

The Cheetah Girls movie was released in August 2003, and the author of the novel is called Deborah Gregory. The three movies show the journey of the girls chasing their dreams and working to conquer those. The movie not only bring the perspective of the girls but how each one of them are different and accept each other, always declaring how important it is to the group and to themselves the other one presence. They don't want to outshine the other, they always support and love each other.

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I loved each one of them. But I always fight to be Channel or Dorinda. Even though Galleria is bomb af in the group.

My favorite movie is the second one. The one in Barcelona is just what i want to my life. I just feel like packing and going to Barcelona, walking in the streets singing like a crazy ass person until probably I will be stopped by a cop, but it will be worth it. Just to conclude my thought. Im so damn grateful to had been one of the billions who watched the movie and felt powerful about themselves. In the movie you can see different sizes, colors, ethnicity and how they just want to live their dreams and they are up to do anything for just a taste of it, it makes you want to get up and work for the things you wish the most.

Songs to remember

  • Strut (my favorite one)
  • The Party's Just Begun
  • Dance with me (feat. Belinda)
  • Step Up
  • Amigas Cheetahs
  • What If
  • No Place Like Us
  • Cinderella

Hope you guys enjoy it! if you have any disney show you want me to talk about, just say it! Thanks a lot guys, love u.