Hey! Welcome back to another ARTICLE post. I can't believe that the year is almost coming to an end. This year has really gone by so quickly. Also, I have decided to participate in the #WHIThrowback, which is why everything on my account may look weird at first. You can check out what it's about here:

Anyway, I think its a pretty cool thing to look back at how much you have grown, especially the photos that you used to heart and what your profile looks like in general.


Today's post is going to be a letter to my younger self. Growing up I never had anyone to tell me my personal story (since I was the first child in the family). But I had social media and now, of course, WHI to look at my journey and see how much I have grown over the years.

I remember my first taste of music (which by the way was Taylor Swift), at the age of 10. It may seem weird, but that really was my first exposure to music from somewhere outside of Australia. I remember being so afraid to make a new friend, let alone a group of friends when I was little.

I was never really taught how to be confident in myself, and be myself essentially. So this letter is dedicated to all those hardships that I have had to encounter and all those things that I wished I had known when I was growing up.

Dear Me,
You're perfect. don't let anyone tell you that you aren't. There are things in life where you will feel like you just want to give up but don't. Keep going. Keep pushing yourself to the limit. Believe in yourself. Believe that you can do amazing things and be someone greater than who you were.

Take every opportunity in life. Grab it by the neck and take control of your own life. No one can tell you that you are not capable of amazing things because you are so worth it. You are worth more than what you believe that you are.

You're going to experience a friendship breakup. That person broke your heart and in return, you're going to be stronger than you were when you first started. From that experience, you're going to go on a journey of a lifetime. Keep your head held high, and be proud of the person you are going to become.

This journey is going to change you. You know how you were shy and had no confidence. This journey is something that you go on by yourself. A journey that only you will go and a journey that has the biggest impact on your life. During this journey, you're going to change. Everything about you is going to change. And at the end, you finally feel like yourself.

One day you're going to decide to start a blog and have dreams of opening a business and become someone successful and powerful. This blog will be the one thing that keeps you going. Let your imagination run wild because that is the basis for your blog. You're going to grow to be someone amazing on this blog. After one year, you'll open a new blog that essentially is the continuation of your old one.

You're going to discover a platform of creativity, that is, WHI where you will flourish and become a whole new person. It's going to be another journey of a lifetime, one that you are never going to forget in your life. And one that you are going to succeed so well in.

You're going to make a group of new friends, who make you smile and laugh every day. You're going to celebrate happy and magical times with them. You're going to make new memories and have the best of times with people that you love and care about. These are the people who you want by your side.

But along the way, getting good grades is an important thing that will never be out of your mind. There are going to be exams where you fail and exams where the mark exceeds your expectations. But that's okay. One mark does not define who you are in the world. It does not define your status in the world. Be happy with your mark, whatever it is.

So to conclude. Believe in yourself. Have faith that good things will come your way. After all, you are a dreamer of the stars and a believer in all things good. Take every opportunity in life like it was the last opportunity left because I know that you will back away from opportunities that could potentially change your life.

Be brave, have confidence and have courage in everything that you do. Love yourself through everything that you do and do the things that make you happy. Through everything that you do, you'll learn so many things. Keep learning and believing in yourself. Because I know for a fact that you are an amazing person, who is capable of amazing things. You aren't perfect, but that's okay. We all make mistakes in life.

Love who are and who are about to become. Believe in yourself. Do the things that make you happy. And be the best version of yourself.


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