She walks off the broken path away from the trail that lead to comfort . Her distrust in him has shifted. God molded it into something of substance and of something that she hasn’t experienced before. It’s as if the wounds that use to exist had scarred over and eventually healed. To her, healed wounds never happened. She began to understand little by little the importance of their friendship. He was different. The betrayal that she felt was only human error, not an emotionless disregard of who she was. He has allowed God to use him in order to reach her, to teach her how to care without obligation, and to feel respected without manipulation. He wasn’t just a notch, but he became a lesson. As she continued to walk over broken branches and piles of leaves she didn’t feel as lost as she typically felt. She finally felt safe. He was the emotional landmark of growth. She was finally investing in open friendships instead of creating a fortress to keep them out.

CLM – April 2017