Ok so, when it comes to makeup i definitely take the less is more approach (except when it comes to my highlighter, my fave) I dont even wear foundation, just a good bb cream. I just focus on super fresh and flawless skin and a good lip. This is my basic routine which can be glammed up or down depending on the occasion.

Step 1.
You need to start with a good hydrated canvas or your base will not apply properly and your makeup is off to a bad start. Prep your skin with your favorite moisturizer according to your skins needs and primer. I like Laura Mercier primers.

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Step 2. If im wearing eyeshadow I always do that next so i can wipe away any fall out on my face with having to disturb the rest of the makeup on my face. If I dont have time for eyeshadow or im keeping the look simple ill sweep bronzer across the lid and a little highlighter in the inner corners which is STUNNING, yet simple and quick . When I am having an all out moment ill reach for my naked two palette. Ill put busted in the crease, YDK across the lid and a little half-baked in the inner corner and BLEND BLEND BLEND. Ill then line my water line with a black eyeliner pencil ( right now im using a traditional kajal stick which i got for super cheap at a beauty supply store) over the liner ill run a litttle of the YDK shadow to tie everything together.

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Step 3. Now we move onto base and brows. I am super into BB creams because i really like my skin to look like skin, they provide enough coverage without looking too cakey. Ill put a couple little dots of bb cream around my face and buff in with a flat top BH brush. I really like Wet n Wild bb creams and Iman cosmetics. Ill then dab a triangle of ELF concealer under my eyes, run a little down my nose to highlight, as well as my cheeks and forehead and then using a beauty blender ill blend that in. Im not one of those big brow people but if im doing my glam look ill fill them in lightly with an ELF brow pencil then set it with Essence brow gel.

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Step 4. I dont wear setting powder because i am not particularly oily and i dont like the way it looks. So right now Ill dip into my Chrissy Teigen pallete and use the bronzer in it to warm up my face by applying it to under my cheekbones and around my jawline and forehead. This acts as a subtle contour. Then in the same pallete ill use one of the highlighters or blend both and use a fan brush on the highest points of my face- tops of the cheekbones, nose, cupids bow and under my brows. Other favorite highlighters of mine is the Anastasia Ultimate Glow Kit and Fenty Beauty Mean Money/ Hustla Baby.

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Finishing steps- I like matte liquid lipsticks particularly Sephora Cream Matte Lipstains, Colorpop Ultra Satin and Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstains. I dont have any one particular shade im partial to, ill go red, pink, plum- it just depends on my mood. I like to go in with a matching lipliner first and fill in just to keep the lip sharp and longlasting. Thennnn finishing/setting spray to lock in the look and keep it from running. I use the Urban Decay All Nighter. My final step is mascara because if i do that before setting spray it tends to get wet and drip onto the rest of my face- not a cute look. I don't have one particular mascara i am devoted to but i always layer two different types at once because it just gives me extra volume and length that one cannot give.
tip- if at any point you think your look has gotten to heavy or cakey use a little plain moisturizer on a beauty blender and bounce all over to lighten it and give a dewy look.

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thanks for reading

maya xxxx