The moment you came into being is the moment they became parents and their life changed completely. From that moment on everything became focused on you… their dreams, their desires and their focus – it all became about you. All their time and thought went into you… they prepared a good life for you and put themselves second as you became their topmost priority. Your parents brought you into this world and gave you everything you needed to give you the best opportunity they could. They gave you the best in the hopes that you would become the best human being. They never held you back, but gave you wings to fly, as all they wanted was to see you happy and on the top of the world. They wanted to be known by the reputation of your name, so they never stopped you from achieving your goals and dreams. But in your pursuit of greatness… while flying so high… you forgot about them. You forgot your own roots and detached yourself from them. A tree will always reach for the sky, but without roots it cannot survive for long. You need to be attached to your family to attain success and happiness in life, as there’s no one else in this world except your parents who will give you everything they have without expecting anything in return except a little love and respect. When you disrespect your parents – you disrespect God, as they are the closest thing on this earth to a creator which you are blessed enough to be able to see, hold and take care of. Treat them with love and respect and remember that even if they said anything hurtful, it was because they wanted you to achieve success and they truly had the best intentions at heart.