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Nov 26, 11.47 pm
Unknown wrote: hey there Gab, how are you? I know it's been a while but I'm writing to let you know that I am coming to town! Landed yesterday, since my internship is over and I’m moving in!

Nov 30, 9:12 am
Unknown wrote: good morning! hey it's pretty sunny here in the city I’m getting used to it! So I was wondering if you would like to meet and have a drink together...we could talk and I promise I'm not mad anymore :) let me know!

Dec 4, 1:21 am
unknown: hey everythingis so perfect here but I haven't received anything from you in ages would it be weird if I told you that I still miss you

Dec 10, 11.45 am
unknown: hello Gabriel it's me again...sorry for bothering you since apparently you don't want to see me or hear from me but I really need help... how do I get to Indipendence Street from the Park?? Please answer I’m kind of freaking out here

Gabriel wrote: hey so...I think you got the wrong number I'm not the person you think I am....anybody called Gabriel here

Unknown: what?
Unknown: omg

Gabriel: anyway you should take the blue line bus and get down right before the hospital

Unknown: well thank you…so you’re not Gabriel right?

Not Gabriel: no I’m sorry

Unknown : could have said that earlier…. ew I'm so sorry then, it's just that I thought. ...

Not Gabriel: no problem. And don't ever write to this Gabriel again, he doesn't deserve you :)

Unknown: yes but fuck off now

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Dec 11, 9.12 am
Unknown: hey good morning. ..sorry for yesterday... you had just helped me and i shouldn't have been so rude.

Not Gabriel: hello! Oh never mind, you were probably right, it was none of my business. Did you get home safely?

Unknown: yes! Thank you for the directions again it's just that I got a bit frustrated because that guy never answered me and you weren’t even him...

7.12 pm
Not Gabriel: anyway I know this is slippery but you didn't write to that Gabriel guy anymore right?


Not Gabriel: well done, don't even think about it.

Unknown: now why do you even care?

Not Gabriel: nice question. ..I don't really know. Guess I'm just nosey or maybe I'm just worried for you.

Unknown: but why? are you an old creep?

Not Gabriel: haha you think I could type so fast?

Unknown: I don't know exercise?

Not Gabriel : Could you tell me your name?

Unknown: no

Not Gabriel: alright, I'll just call you Jane then. Is he your ex?

Unknown: why do you even think I'm a girl?

Not Gabriel: I don't, i just think so. But I don't actually care, to be honest. And you didn't answer the question

Unknown: yes he was my boyfriend. And what's your name again?

Not Gabriel: I'm Nathan.

Unknown: well nice to meet you I guess.
unknown: Could I ask you for some more street indications?

Not Gabriel: sure

Unknown: how do I get to the mall from nearby the museum?

Not Gabriel: you just take the yellow line subway

Unknown: ok you live here or you just know the city very well?

Not Gabriel: I live here.

Unknown: nice. Thanks again, Nathan.

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Dec 15, 10.02 pm
Unknown: hey Nathan I know it's late, you awake? do you think I should text him? I was kind of thinking. ..

Nathan: no. Just don't

Unknown: why

Nathan: you know better. Don't humiliate yourself. Promise me you won't?

Unknown: I don't want to make promises I'm not sure to keep.

Nathan: why do you insist on writing to him?

Unknown: because even though it looks life a lifetime , it still hurts the same
Unknown: i mean why do you even care?

Nathan: do you want to to talk about it?

Unknown: nothing much to say, it's just that one day after we had a fight I checked my phone and there was not messages and no missed calls. So I waited for the phone to ring but it never did ever since.
Unknown: and I've been told I still whisper his name in my sleep.

Nathan: then when you want to text someone, just text me from now on

Unknown: I'm a mess of insecurities, why do you want to stick with me?

Nathan: Florence nightingale maybe? Haha just kidding, it's just that I kinda like talking to you even thought I don't know you

Unknown: are you really alone like that?

Nathan: I can hear judgment

Unknown: haha don't be mad. and you know I really like talking to you too

Nathan: hey don't make me blush now!

Unknown: ok got to go now, ive got to see a friend and I'm already late

Nathan: ok see you

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Dec 16, 5.43 pm
Nathan: hey there

Unknown: hello Nathan what's up

Nathan: you answered I'm pretty happy :)

Unknown: why shouldn't I answer?

Nathan: well I don't know maybe you had better things to do

Unknown: no we're text friends now and I'm going to answer to you. Besides I told you I like talking to you

Nathan: did you have fun last night?

Unknown: yes, it was alright. I haven't seen that friend in ages and I missed her so much. What did you do?

Nathan: nothing special, actually. I was wondering, would you tell me your name by now?

Unknown: haha yes I guess, I'm Diana
Unknown: that's funny you know so much about me and didn't now my name

Nathan: well now I do, nice to meet you Diana, even though I got used to think of you as Jane by now

Diana: sorry to disappoint you and by the way do you think of me often?

Nathan: you mean more often that I should? Because that would be a yes

Diana: ahah quick life hack: don't text things you wouldn't say in person

Nathan: I would say that in person

Diana: stop flirting

Nathan: ok, didn't mean to bother

Diana: no it's just know I told you about Gabriel...

Nathan: it's been a while...maybe you should move on

Diana: listen I tried. Like this whole past year I tried so hard to forget him... I hate his name sometimes because it reminds me of all the nasty things I've done but I keep on coming back.

Nathan: alright I get it, nevermind. We all have our things to forget. Just remember we heave each other now :)

Diana: thank you Nathan

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Dec 18, 8.17 pm
Diana: hello good evening :)

Nathan: hi Di! How are you?

Diana: very good... I love the Christmas atmosphere here in the city with all the lights and decorations, they really make me happy!

Nathan: haha glad to hear that! and the forecast says that it should be snowing soon

Diana: that's so amazing! Do you like the snow?

Nathan: not really I'm more of a summer person with beaches and sun an prefer winter?

Diana: definitely! There's nothing like cuddling in front of a fireplace with a hot chocolate when it's pouring outside :)
Diana: anyway you know I was thinking I've been very lucky texting you by accident

Nathan: ahah well you needed street indications very much

Diana: that's not what I meant! I was thinking like getting to know you...I could have typed the number of the furthest person ever but I wrote you instead and you like live in my city

Nathan: yes I was just joking I know what you meant. And I'm happy you typed the wrong number you know?

Diana: and I too

Nathan: yeah sure...but seriously...wouldn't you rather have wrote him?

Diana: you mean my ex? Nah...he still has my number. I read somewhere that not receiving anything is still an answer...

Nathan: ANd you've been blessed with my presence in your life

Diana: mm I think it's quite the opposite :D

Nathan: as far as I know I am the map-man

Diana: but i am the woman so I am right

Nathan: mm point made :)

Diana: what are your plans for the holidays?

Nathan: I'm going to my mothers for Christmas. ..there will also be my brothers....And you?

Diana: oh that's sweet! No I'm staying in the city. I mean I just moved in and I need to stand still for a while. Do you think there will be service where you're going so we can still text? :)

Nathan: haha youre going to be the first I'll wish marry Christmas to :)

Diana: I hope so!

Nathan: :)

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Dec 19, 11.59 pm
Diana: ew I feel kinda stupid...I just thought about it now this may sound weird but...maybe I'm inappropriate. ..??

Nathan: like??

Diana: I mean maybe you've got a girlfriend

Nathan: ahah that was it? No don't worry I don't have a jealous girlfriend. I don't have any

Diana: oh thank goodness! But why? Like you're the best guy I've ever met

Nathan: hey are you the one flirting now? Haha
Nathan: anyway I broke with my girlfriend seven months ago

Diana: do you want to talk about it? I kind of clogged your phone with my love problems I owe you that

Nathan: not really,...she cheated on me

Diana: oh.,.I'm so sorry. She surely didn't deserve you

Nathan: mum is that you?

Diana: pppfft

Nathan: ahah just kidding...thank you I guess

Diana: anytime :)

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Dec 20, 7.18 pm
Diana: Nathan!!!!!!! You'll never believe this!!! Gabriel wrote me :):) he said he saw me on the streets and what to meet and take a coffe together and chat a bit!!!!!

Nathan: im going to vomit and are you going to go?

Diana: why yes...of course

Nathan: ....why are you telling me this?

Diana: well I don't know I just wanted to tell you

Nathan: I don't think you should go. And i don't want you to.

Diana: why

Nathan: because he broke your heart so many times and you keep running back what makes you think this time is going to be any different?

Diana: because we've been together for so many years and I just can't

Nathan: he is so toxic just drop him

Diana: he just wants to chat

Nathan: alright look Diana I'm not your pajama party best friend just do what you want. Now ive got to go

Diana: oh so now we're not even friends?

Nathan: no

Diana: fuck you then

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Dec 25, 8.14 am
Nathan: hey Diana, you alright? I kind of promised so...merry Christmas :)

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Jan 11, 6,37 pm
Diana: hello :)

Nathan: who's this?

Diana: mm yes I think I deserve that

Nathan: haha how are you Diana?

Diana: I'm fine thanks...And you? How was your holiday?

Nathan: kinda boring. I missed everyday routine. And yours?

Diana: sorry for not answering on Christmas day

Nathan: well you were busy maybe

Diana: no I was not. I stared at the phone screen for like three hours because I didn't know what to say and then just gave up

Nathan: they were just Christmas cheers

Diana: you know what I mean

Nathan: hey I survived so no need to be so hard on yourself

Diana: no just don't...please be mad Nathan, I've been such a mess. You were right the whole way through and I should have listened ...

Nathan: you didn't owe me anything

Diana: yes. yes I did because you've always been there. you want to know? Gabriel only wanted to tell me how happy he was because he is going to get married next month. That's it. And I feel so stupid for wasting my time, and yours, like that. And losing you. you've been the best to me and I treated you like shit. like so many times. And I am so sorry. I spent the whole holiday trying to get all of the pieces of myself back together and make something at least close to a nice person

Nathan: I'm so sorry to hear that... I thought you were happily partying with that Gabriel could have wrote to me

Diana: why are you always so kind to me...I feel like I only do you wrong and don't deserve it at all...

Nathan: because I feel like you're the first real person I've met, like others were just cardboards. And maybe because I've got a thing for lost causes :)
Nathan: and I've got a thing for you :)

Diana: you’ve never even seen my face

Nathan: I’m not done yet!
Nathan: and because busy fixing you, I think I kind of found myself. I think I kind of understood what I want in another human being.
Nathan: and I don’t care how you look

Diana: Nathan my problem is I can easily fall in love with written words and I'm so tired of aching so please tell me everything’s going to be alright and we’ll be so happy

Nathan: I can't tell you
Nathan: but maybe I can show you.

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