love, couple, and black and white image

What happened to us?

Perhaps I let myself believe we were more
then you let on
With every touch and every eye contact
I felt as if I could dive right into your soul
Reaching into a beautiful universe
Your absence stings
And I wonder if my heart
Will ever be able to love
Wholeheartedly and so intensely like it did once
I won't lie
I still find myself looking for you
In large crowds
My body craving your touch
Craving your intense glair
And your long fingers brushing against mine
I'm still in love with the memories
The long nights we spent together
Holding hands looking up to the sky

Love can fade away.
Like the colours of a canvas
That were once so rich and vibrant
But are now lifeless, dull

We may not be in love anymore, but you're still the only person who truly knows me.


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