Hey guys! I wanted to do my playlist, because some songs are really good and everyone doesnt know them.
PS:Some songs in this playlist are very popular 😂

1)🎵Paris Jones-You like me (OZZIE Remix)🎵

cozy, socks, and winter image

This song is good to listen when you wake up.

2)🎵Mazzie-M3 & U🎵

girl, party, and glitter image

Really good song.With this song you feel free and cool.

3)🎵Baauer-One Touch (ft.AlunaGeorge & Rae Sremmurd)🎵

cherry on top, icecream, and icecream cone image

This song maybe make you feel sexual,but thats normal.Even the name of the song. 😂

4)🎵Lil Pump-Gucci Gang🎵

gucci, luxury, and store image

hmmmm........Gucci Gang ❤️

5) 🎵Selena Gomez,Marshmello-Wolves🎵

selena gomez, wolves, and selena image
brown eyes, makeup, and song image

Who doesnt love Selena Gomez and Marshmello.This song is wild.

6)Halsey-🎵Walls Could Talk 🎵

neon, blue, and light image

This song is only 2 minutes long ,but it colud be 8 minutes long because its so good.

7)🎵K.Flay-Blood In The cut (Aire Atlantica Remix/Audio)🎵

nature, snow, and winter image

The name of the song is not the best ,but the song is the best😂

8)🎵Ed Sheeran-Perfect🎵

couple, gif, and riverdale image

This song is so cute.When i heard it for the first time i cried.

9)🎵The Vamps,Maggie Lindemann-Personal🎵

the vamps image
rose, maggie lindemann, and beauty image

I love this song

Cherry on top

10)🎵Riverdale cast-Milkshake🎵

gif and riverdale image

Why i called this playlist Milkshake because of this song ❤️
Hope you liked this playlist.