So for as long as I've been on WHI I've never had as much inspiration as I do know. I even got back my inspiration to write again. So I'll be writing in my blog and here for a long while (I hope).

Here is a little who am I since I'll be writing here often :)

My name is Cristina. 17 y/o chic born in Jamaica, live in Panama. I don't write often but I love to do so. I'm a freaking Old Soul, I love to be around nature breathing in the fresh air. Just imagine me as a girl riding a bicycle through the woods, yeah.

I don't know why, but i just love the 90s for some reason. I was born the 20 of February so maybe that's why... but maybe not.

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I love traveling. I don't do it because I don't have the money, but yeah

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shoutout to the person who did this beautiful piece

I'm an artsy person, creativity is a big part of me (even though the most of the time my mind is burned out). I love drawing, taking pictures, singing, dancing, cooking, and many more, I think.

I'm a tea person. My favorites are cinnamon and ginger. I might be able to drink coffee but I'm not a coffee person.

I LOVE Jamaican patties. Haven't found any better than these yet.

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shoutout to Stiles Stilinski

I'm a pretty sarcastic person, which is my only defense.

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I love the ocean. like if I could be there in less than an hour I'd be grateful

I hate being home. I feel locked up in jail when I'm there.

I like being with close friends and talking with them. I haven't found that one friend I tell everything to yet though.

I love being in my comfort zone (number 1 problem).

And last but not least, my favorite shows are Teen Wolf & of course Stranger Things.

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I hope to make some good friends here.

~ Peace out ~

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