Hallo You ! Do you want to lead the life of your dreams ? Do you want to succeed ? Do you want to achieve your aims ? If the answer is YES , then keep on reading and take into consideration these following tips.

+ Be a morning person

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Being an early bird is one of the most efficient things to be happy Yeep ( so do not be a night owl hahah ) Trust me when you wake up early, you feel more energized , and ready to start your day . In that specific time , your brain is more creative , active so you can learn , draw , ....

+ Do some exercises

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GO hiking , walk , run ... Pick up your work out bra , water , put your hair on a pony tail and GOOO .

+ Start a daily journal

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Write down all your feelings and thoughts . A piece of paper is much more better that human ( not all ofc ) mention also 5 things you are grateful for . This is a good way to express yourself .

+ Read read and read

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Grab your blanket , some snacks , something to drink , light up a candle and lose yourself in a book . Researches show that reading is the most efficient activity to fight stress even better than listening to music . Besides , it is an easy way to access a vast amount of knowledge and experiences .

+ Think positively

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Chase all the bad vibes and enjoy your life as much as possible , forgive people who hurt you , donate , meet your old friends , stay in touch with your family ...

+ Be bold , honnest and brave

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If you can't talk in public , than push yourself to do it . Nothing forbids you , the public are like you , they sleep , they eat etc ... Face your fear and beat it if you want to succeed . Say the truth and do not lie , learn how to say NO !!!

+ Help people and have compassion for them

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+ Pomper yourself

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Listen to your body !!

+ Take care of your personnal problems

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Happy people quickly identify their personal problems and strive to solve them.