Only forever

That one guy who melts your heart, but doesn't see you.
That one girl who's taking your breath away, but doesn't love you the way you do.
That person who is meant to be for you, but you are only pushing him or her away.

Yes i believe in first love, i still believe love is something you really need to be carefull with. Because everyone is making it already so messed up.

I felt a couple times for guys and i felt hard ofcourse. And i always tought, this is the one, this is going to be the love of my life. But in the and, some of them where fuckboys others where not the kind of men i thought they would be.

So i decided only on forever, i would never promise a guy something if i don't feel it's meant to be. I would never start a relationship again if i wouldn't think it could be forever. I only want to be very sure, and yes i know that is very hard in this world.

But do you know what, i think i am protecting myself for the right one, i really do. I'm not interested in fuckboys anymore. I don't only like the 'hot guys' anymore my eyes can see a lot more men then only them. Ofcourse i'm still having some 'fun time' with guys, but i don't see or feel love by them.
But if do, i'm sure as hell will protect myself for anything.

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