So...I made this donut notebook and I decided to share it with you.

What you'll need:
- Notebook
- CD, bottle cap, glass or whatever you can use to make circles (I recommend a pevot, but it only works if you can lay the cover of your notebook flat on your desk or wherever you work)
- Acrylic paint, nail polish or permanent marker for all surfaces (like posca) (I used paint mainly)
- Pen (prefferably sketch pen)
- Clear nail polish (optional)
- Pencil (optional, but I recommend it)
- Paint brushes (only if you're using paint or maybe nail polish)

<h1><u> How to make it: </u></h1>
1. Trace two circles with the same center with a pencil. The larger circle is the outside of your donut and the smaller one is the hole, so space them out approprietly. (you can free hand this but I recommend using a guide)
2. Choose a quote and trace it on the cover of the notebook with the pencil. (this is optional)
3. Color your donut with a light brown and let it dry
4. If there are any letters that you need to fill in color them with watever color you want and let them dry.
5. Add as many coats of paint as you need on the donut and the letters. (Always let them dry after each coat)
6. Trace the glaze for the donut with a pencil and color it in and let it dry. Repeat as many times as you need.
7. Add sprinkles! With a small paint brush draw small ovals on the donut and the rest of the cover. (Use as many colors as you want. The more the merrier!)
8. With a pen go over the letters of the quote that you want to be in pen and outline the ones with the color. If you want you can outline the donut and the sprinkles too.

ATTENTION!!! Once there is pen on the cover of your notebook be very careful. Most materials aren't that absorbant so your pen might smudge. Let the pen dry for as much time as it is needed and then carefully coat it with clear nail polish. Once the nail polish is 100% dry you can go over it again, but if it isn't completely dry you might ruin your pen.

Good Luck!!!
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