5. Prague, Czech Republic - one of the prettiest cities in Europe to visit 100%. It is perfect for that Christmas feeling that you are looking for and the people are great. Fun is guaranteed.

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4. Budapest, Hungary
Budapest is a great city for a winter vacation. You can relax at a secret bath - yeah that actually exists. You can see a ballet or opera at Europe's most beautiful opera house, ice skate at fairy tale setting, skii, stay warm at cool coffee houses and many other activities.

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3. Warsaw, Poland
You also have many options that you can choose from. You can walk through Old Town, take a bus to the royal palace Wilanow, you can go to the Market Square, you can visit the Polin museum of Polish Jews and many other things...

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2. Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
If you are a really big fan of winter and winter activities this is a right place for you. Jahorina in Bosnia is full of snow in winter time and perfect for skiing because of it's higher areas.

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1. Zagreb, Croatia
I have put this as first place beacuse it is so beautiful and it has everything you want in winter. Not to mention that it has been pronounced as the most beautifully decorated city in Europe in winter. Zagreb is blissfully easy to navigate. No matter where you find yourself in Zagreb — whether it’s ice skating in front of King Tomislav Square or listening to a children’s choir at the main square of Ban Josip Jelačić — wooden kiosks offering portable versions of local food and drink are just steps away, offering a culinary crash course on Croatian cuisine and many other activities...

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yes, this is actually a thing in Zagreb
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