Hello lovelies and heartists finally I will be back to being active here again. Thank you to everyone who still followed me even though I haven't been here in a while.

What better news to return to than having 10k lovelies now (I love you all very much) ♡♡♡

I really appreciate having each and every one of you and I can't tell you how much it motivates me in general that you enjoy this account or a collection enough to follow it. So thank you very much 10k lovelies!!! ♡

I hope that I continue to be an account that you enjoy and love for the reason that you do, it means more than you think to me to have you all.

I want to state a few things as well before I finish this post.
✿ If any of you lovelies needs to talk with me I'm a very friendly person so don't be intimidated to talk with me anytime.
✿ If you have any request, you want me to make an edit for you, make a certain gif for you, or anything just go ahead and ask me.
✿ I want to start making aesthetic moodboards depending on ideas and suggestions and themes given to me by you! And I will give you credit for it. Not only BTS, If you want for other groups or personal I will make a new collection for it.
✿ Like I said do not be afraid to interact with me I would love to get to know you all much better!!

Again. Thank you for everything my lovelies. I hope you continue to have beautiful days. Stay unique ♡