You leave, but it never felt as if you left. You still remember every detail that came across with every step. Aware of every situation of what you had was left. You still remember the words they said when you take a step back with realization.

It never goes away... You see the image that they created with every hopeful breath. You see them look up with every sullen regret. You watch them act with every chance to make you see what they have sent.

Looking at the texts is the only chance you get. To make you remember every little thing they said. Remembering the smile that came upon your face, is the smile you want to change into a disgrace. The time you were given gave out a long time ago. You need more time, guess you need a watch.

Watch all the things come back again. From the first day to the last day. To the day that is now. You need those emotions to run back up. Run through your veins and up to your brain. The brain that wasn't used at the moment you needed it.

Tick tock tick tock time has suddenly stopped. You hear the voice you once heard so many different times. The voice that makes you stop and see what's outside. You hear them laugh, you hear them talk what's got you to suddenly stop?

Stop? But everything stopped. Your hit with emotions, your hit with the memories, your hit with everything that you thought was lost. You tilt your head up and see who they are. Is it real? Is it true? Are they actually here? Your unstable now. You don't know what to say. The happiness the sadness, everything that won't go away.

Stop. That's what many have said. Stop and look what they've done. Your friends told you to leave. They told you to back away. Stop! Don't think about them. Don't talk to them, Don't even look at them!!! So that's what you did. You just stopped. But when you stopped, Everything stopped. And your life became normal again.