Hello bunnies, today I will write a review on the one of my favorite and most cutest shoujo manga out there. so sit back grab a cup of tumblr coffee and enjoy!

Ao Haru Ride Review

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yoshioka futaba is a sweet kind heated girl who is naturally girly and very soft spoken. She is very cute and all the guys fall in love her and confess their undying love to her. although you think she would have friends; your wrong. Futaba has no female friends because all the other girls are jealous that all the guys like her. They think that she is faking her kindness and its just an act. Futaba makes a promise to herself that she won't be girly anymore and act more "boyish" to keep the guys away so she can have friends.

it was in middle school when futaba decided to become more like a tomboy. while in middle school futaba had met the kindest boy, kou mabuchi, she liked him because he was not like the other boys. he also had feelings for her and they became close. until he moved away with out warning.

now in high school futaba, has friends and new fresh start. she thinks about kou form time to time. one day she hears someone mention kous name and by chance they meet and starts her whole new adventure

Main Characters

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Yoshioka, futaba is our main heroine. she is kind and helps others. although she may sometimes be a little selfish, she still cares and helps others and treats others as they you would want to be treated.
She is considered very cute among the guys but to keep them away she acts more like a tom boy.

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kou mabuchi, is cold hearted and cruel. breaking down his cold heart is a hard task for futaba but she always keeps trying. he use to be sweet, until his mom passed away which caused him some traumatic problems causing him not to let anyone into his life. he is somewhat of a tsundere and a yandere. he is very blunt and isn't the type to lie to you.

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yuri makita is a super sweet characters and is really girly. she has no friends until she meets futaba. she also likes kou, but don't worry shes not a threat.

other thoughts
its was my first shoujo so i started right. this manga is so cute so i recommend to all of you reading this. the story is good and the art is great. i don't think this will never stop being my favorite shoujo manga.