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Hi, Vee here reporting from my bed. I have the attention span of a concussed squirrel (I'm not joking) so for me to have seen every single episode of a show is almost unheard of. HOWEVER, since season 1, episode 1 I was glued. Keeping up with the Kardashians has been a TV favorite of mine since 2007 when I was 10. Yup, 10 years old and watching a reality show about underage sex pictures and sexy photoshoots for Reggie Bush.

It's fine!

If you're one of those people who despise the Kardashian empire, I have no words for you and no plans to defend them.

I will say that there are family values laced in the drama and vanity, but to each their own...

Anyway, one thing a lot of people don't know about me is that I LOVE BEAUTY. I've been a huge make-up fan since my later years of high school. I used to read every single article of Birdie Beauty's website at my summer job manning the desk of a gym that no one went to.

Make-up is an amazing thing and its like painting on your face and while I don't necessarily like painting, I love art. And at the end of the day make-up is art.

Something I learned in college is there is a huge population of people who wear make up that have no clue how to get the most out of it. Not saying their make up was poorly done, but that they didn't have any sort of idea of how to optimize product pay-off.

I give credit to the Kardashians for kick starting part of interest in make up and I have learned some of my best tricks from them. I also don't believe make up (or fashion) has rules, but guidelines to be strayed away from at one's own peril.

Lessons Learned from Years of Keeping Up with the Kardashians (and Jenners):

Powder after foundation or BB cream ~ maybe you're reading this thinking 'duh' but I strayed away from powder for years in fear of looking cake-y and having flash-backs in pictures (insert photo of Angelina Jolie here). However, powder will set your foundation/bb cream so it doesn't wear off as quickly or get shiny. I use a translucent drug store one specifically made for flash photography. Kylie gave me this tip in a blindfolded YouTube video with Jordyn.

Don't touch your face. Kendall and Kylie gave this tip as a lesson learned from the older 3 in an old interview. Not touching your face helps to prevent break outs.

Loosen your braids. This makes them look thicker and fuller. Gently pull at every cross of the braid, even if its a Dutch braid!

Grow out your brows. When Kylie used to make little videos on KEEK (yes in like 2013), she mentioned she was growing out her brows when someone asked how often she gets her brows done. From that moment on I too have been growing out my brows lol.

Mind your eyelashes. Lashes are important. They can literally make you look like a different person. Kim's lashes are so, so long. Don't pick at them, if yours are short use a primer before your mascara, and always remember to check for shadow and powder fall out on the tops. Another trick Kylie uses is to leave the mascara marks along your lash line because it adds the look of fuller lashes. I'm too OCD for this--but I get it!

Less = More when it comes to shadow & white liner on the water line can be a no-no. Kourtney and Kim both have lightened up their eye make-up in recent years. No more silver and black shadows. Neutral colors create a more natural and bohemian glow. If you use a light colored liner for your lower lash line I suggest using a nude color that is a little lighter than your skin tone like Kim does.

There's a right way to do the wet hair look. Scrunching your gelled hair is not it. If that is what you're into-- go on, scrunch away. BUT, the dewy mermaid look is too good to deny. Kim first showcased this at the VMAs in 2016. I was in awe. Beach-y, hydrated, but not drenched!

Roots can be a good thing. My life was changed when Kylie Jenner started dyeing her hair and wearing wigs. At first I couldn't understand what was good about Kylie's blonde hair verses Kim's circa NYFW 2015. It was the dark roots 10000%. Roots are a game changer when going lighter and I would never have thought those words would come out of me a few years ago, but its true!

Fake tan your hands. Seriously. I understand the fake tanner crisis of orange fingers and brown lines on your wrist, but hot damn! When someone flicks a piece of hair out of their face and their hand is ghostly and their face is bronzed --- come on! I learned this lesson from seeing their pale hands on Keeping Up (Sorry Kardashians). Mix your self tanner with regular moisturizer or lotion.

Careful with the nose contour! I've noticed a huge amount of speculation about the Kardashians having new procedures done stems from their nose contours. In my opinion, the skinnier your make your nose look, the more plastic you look. I don't care for an ultra think looking nose and the contour changes the visual composition of your face. Be careful with that bronzer!

Ugh, I love the Kardashians. Happy Friday!

XO Vanessa