I guess you can say I love series. Like honestly. I'm wantching 24/7. And here are my favourite Shows.


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The series with which it all started
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Supernatural is a mysteryseies that started in 2005. The story follows the two brothers (Sam and Dean Winchester) who are out to kill every evil thing in this world. When Dean was 4 yrs old and Sam only 6 months old; their mother (Mary) was killed, their father (John) was determined to find and kill the demon who killed his wife. Raising the boys as "HUNTERS" of all things evil. Their motto: SAVING PEOPLE, HUNTING THINGS, THE FAMILY BUSINESS. After John's death the boys continue the family business with the help of a few other hunters, traveling cross country, killing as many monsters as possible and saving as many people as they can. And at the same time they learn that "Family don't end with blood". They will do whatever it takes to save each other and their "FAMILY". Going up against demons, vampires, werewolves, shapshifters, demigods, witches, the four horsemen and even angels among other things. They lose family and find new people they call family. They have gone to heaven and hell for each other and will do it all over again. Cause that's what FAMILY does and "Family don't end with blood".

This Show is not like every 08/15 mysteryseries. I really bad at explaining why I love Supernatural so much, but it's true. When I started it I watched 4Seasons in one month... while School... and a exam-phase.. well yeah.


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the best book adaptation I have ever seen
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Shadowhunters is an American supernatural drama television series.Clary Fray has just enrolled at Brooklyn Academy of Arts. On her eighteenth birthday, she learns that she is a Shadowhunter, a human born with angelic blood who protect humans from demons. That night, Clary's mother, Jocelyn, is abducted by a group of rogue Shadowhunters called the Circle. Their leader is Jocelyn's ex-husband, Valentine Morgenstern.With her mother missing, Clary turns to Luke, a person she trusted, only to seemingly be betrayed. Clary joins up with a band of Shadowhunters to save her mother and discovers powers she never knew she possessed. Clary is thrown into the world of demon hunting with the mysterious, narcissistic, and attractive Shadowhunter Jace, and also her loyal and geeky friend Simon. Now living among faeries, warlocks, vampires, and werewolves, Clary begins a journey of self-discovery as she learns more about her past and what her future may hold.

I've read the books from Cassandra Clare on which this series is based on and I had such a big book crush on it. The cast fits perfectly to my Vision of the characters and I think that the whole crew does an amzing Job with everything, like this series is awesome. If you haven't watched it, well now you just HAVE TO !!!


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The first kinda detectiv or police series I enjoyed
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Sherlock is a crime drama television series based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes detective stories.Sherlock depicts "consulting detective" Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) solving various mysteries in modern-day London. Holmes is assisted by his flatmate and friend, Dr John Watson (Martin Freeman), who has returned from military service in Afghanistan with the Royal Army Medical Corps. Although Metropolitan Police Service Detective Inspector Greg Lestrade (Rupert Graves) and others are at first suspicious of Holmes, over time his exceptional intellect and bold powers of observation persuade them of his value. In part through Watson's blog documenting their adventures, Holmes becomes a reluctant celebrity with the press reporting on his cases and eccentric personal life. Both ordinary people and the British government ask for his help.

I watched all 4 Seasons in literally 3 days straight. And I don't regret a single second of it. Damn i love this freakin' Sociopath.Guess I'm Sherlocked

Stranger Things

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Stranger Things is my fav
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Stranger Things is an American science fiction-horror web television series. It is set in Hawkins, Indiana, during the early 1980s. The nearby Hawkins National Laboratory ostensibly performs scientific research for the United States Department of Energy, but secretly does experiments into the paranormal and supernatural, including those that involve human test subjects. Inadvertently, they have created a portal to an alternate dimension called "the Upside Down". The influence of the Upside Down starts to affect the unknowing residents of Hawkins in calamitous ways.

Nothing for weak nerves I would say, but if you got some, god damn this is one of the best Shows ever invented. And the actors. WHAAAT the most of them are younger than me and so talented.

So here are four of my favourite Shows, hope you may fell for one of them. Maybe I'll make a part to if you want. Byeeeee