I have had introduced myself at the previous article but I decided to start this challenge, because I love writing and I love challenges, too.

Well, my name is Maria. I am 23 years old, a pisces and I come from the beautiful Greece.

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I am a nurse but my dream was to be a teacher. I love psychology because I can really understand people's feelings and I am always here to hear them talking to me for all their problems.

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I really love writing and reading. I can remember myself to start reading at the age of 5! I think the books are art.

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My hobbies are cooking, listening to music, watching to movies or going to the theater and...dreaming.

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My dreams include a beautiful family, real friends, moments that make you feel deeply, travelling to the world and last but not least, they include a life full of love!

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So, that was my first day at this challenge. I tried to say as much as possible. I hope you really liked it and thank you. Have a beautiful mind and a lovely heart. Kisses :*

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