I love Eurovision. For those who might not know what that is, it's an annual international TV song competition, where each participating country submits an original song to be performed on live television and radio and then casts votes for the other countries' songs to determine the most popular song in the competition. It is a party that gets all parts of Europe together - and ,somehow, Australia. With all the performances, the hosts, and scoring, Eurovision is one of the best contests existing on Earth. So, if you have never watched it, what are you waiting for?

Furthermore, there are songs and artists from this contest that are amazing. These are some of my favourites:

Grande Amore - Il Volo

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"Dimmi che mai / Che non mi lascerai mai / Dimmi chi sei / Respiro dei giorni miei d'amore / Dimmi che sai / Che solo me sceglierai / Ora lo sai / Tu sei il mio unico grande amore"

Golden Boy - Nadav Guedj

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"I'm a golden boy / Come here to enjoy / I'm the king of fun / Let me show you how we do it / I'm a golden boy / Come here to enjoy / And before I leave / Let me show you Tel Aviv"

You Are The Only One - Sergey Lazarev

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"Thunder 'n' lightning it's gettin'excitin' / Lights up the skyline to show where u are / My love is rising the story's unwindin' / Together we'll make it 'n' reach for the stars /You're the only one you're my only one / You're my life every breath that I take / Unforgettable so unbelievable / You're the only one - my only one"

J'ai cherché - Amir

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"You’re the one that’s making me strong / I’ll be looking, looking for you / Like the melody of my song / You / You’re the one that’s making me strong / I’ll be looking, looking for you / Like the melody of my song"

Pioneer - Freddie

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"A million hearts of a million people / Be proud, you were born to be real / No right time, no right place, yeah / A million lies in a million temples / It’s only fear, become a pioneer"

Gravity - Hovig

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"Let me be your heart and your company / I’ll let you be the one who can lean on me / I’ll catch you when you fall, when you’re falling free / Let me be, be your gravity / Let me be your wings when you’re flying high / I’m gonna raise you up till you touch the sky / I’ll catch you when you fall, when you’re falling free / Let me be, be your gravity / Attached inseparably, like gravity"

Amar Pelos Dois - Salvador Sobral

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"Meu bem, ouve as minhas preces / Peço que regresses, que me voltes a querer / Eu sei que não se ama sozinho / Talvez, devagarinho, possas voltar a aprender"

Occidentali's Karma - Francesco Gabbani

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"Lezioni di Nirvana / C'è il Buddha in fila indiana / Per tutti un'ora d'aria, di gloria / La folla grida un mantra / L'evoluzione inciampa / La scimmia nuda balla / Occidentali's Karma / Occidentali's Karma / La scimmia nuda balla / Occidentali's Karma"

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